Personalize your order with a monogram.  Getting a handmade leather item is so much better when you add a monogram.  Giving an item as a gift is wonderful but giving a gift that is personalized for that person is one more step in showing how much care you took in selecting a gift.
     We offer two font options including Arial or Times New Roman.  The font is 1/4″ tall and you can choose up to 5 characters for your monogram.

  • When you purchase a leather item from my shop, any eligible items list an option to add a monogram to your order.
  • You can select from letters or numbers in any combination of your choosing up to a maximum of 5 characters.
  • The front cover monogram location is on the leather item when viewed in portrait position with the item closed.
  • The following are not available to be monogrammed such as  Punctuation, Symbols, and lower case characters.
  • Monograms will only be stamped in a left to right direction (horizontal) arrangement. For example, Vertical or other arrangements of monogram characters are not provided.
  • Monograms are only applied to the outside of the leather hide (not the flesh side).


  • Notebook covers with a wrap-around flap:  Any front cover monogram locations selected will be monogrammed on the item when closed. For example, where the wrap-around flap lays on the front cover when the notebook is closed, is considered the front cover of the notebook. If you want a monogram on the front bottom right of the front cover, the monogram is stamped on the wrap around flap. The same applies to other locations on the front cover that the wrap-around flap of notebook covers.
  • The monograms are applied by hand and pressed firmly into the leather.
  • StrideRidge products are durable, supple, and well made to last the test of time and daily use.  Customers that use these products have a personal connection with the designs.
  • Going the extra distance to make leather items based on customer requested designs is one huge part of why customers keep coming back to StrideRidge.

Please contact me if you have any questions.